Troble sewing your blouse? Im here to help !

published9 months ago
1 min read

Hello there,
First of all let me thank you for buying or trying my patterns πŸ’œ
As you would agree Sarees are the most beautiful piece of clothing in an Indian ( or even non Indian) womens collection.
Saree becomes even more attractive with the right blouse, but getting a blouse that fits you perfectly is a challenge that every women has faced more than once in her life time.
My goal is to help you create independently your own blouses in your own size.

I would like to invite you to join my face book group that I created in order to help people with their questions regarding construction of these blouses. I encourage them to get involved, ask questions, give feed back on the patterns or suggestions to improve them further and show off their creations.

Its safe group where entry is only through invitation link and approved personally by me.

, it would be my pleasure to have you in this group.
Looking forward to interact with you all !


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